Restart Story

The hall was vast. Odd paintings hung on the [[walls|Walls]], but in fact the space was so large it was difficult to make out the details. <<nobr>> I could see a doorway off to the [[right|The Room to the Right]]. There was another very close by, to my [[left|The Room to the Left]]. And yes, well on the other side, I could see a staircase leading [[down|Downstairs]].<<endnobr>>
The paintings were of twisted, unreal landscapes. I [[stumbled back|Start]], away from them
There was a manuscripts on the floor. Otherwise the room was bare. I picked it up. There was little light, but I could read a single word: LIFE.<<set $destiny="life">> I dropped the paper and turned.\n\nI slowly walked back into the [[hall|Start]].
There was a bird fluttering in the air. Otherwise the room was bare. I grabbed at the bird. It chirped and said: "DOOM."<<set $destiny="doom">> I heard it clearly! \n\nI stumbled back into the [[hall|Start]].
I descended the staircase. It was stone. The deeper I went, the damper the air and the more rancid the smell. I considered going back [[up|Start]]. \nFinally, I came to a landing. An ancient man faced me.\n<<if $destiny is "life">>He said, "You will live and prosper."<<elseif $destiny is "doom">>He said: "Your days are numbered. Doom is upon you."<<endif>>